Badass Tomatoes
Help Feed The world

Collect from thousands of Tomatoes

Each Bromato will be a 1/1 with a host of awesome attributes. The purpose of this project is to make each Bromato unique and appealing to their hodlers. Beyond that – our goal is to make this project fun, and benefit our charitable causes.

Mint Starting Soon!

Road Map

Phase 1 - Pre mint
There will be several opportunities on Twitter and in our Community Discord to help spread the word and direct the ultimate vision of the project. We are going to decide exactly where our charitable giving will go, and spread the word about Bromatoes.
A series of 1/1 (~30) Bromato proofs will be minted and distributed.
Phase 2 - Mint
We will have a public mint where the entire series will be available. This will be your chance to secure as many Bromato NFTs as you can to hold, share, and use in later in Phase 3. The Bromatoes will be available to trade on the secondary market in case you don't mint the perfect Bromato for you.
Phase 3 - The Unlockening
Throughout the coming weeks opportunities will arise out of certain Bromatoes. Through holding a certain # of Bromatoes or certain special Bros you will gain access to different features in the meat space and in the metaverse. We are open to feedback and incorporating great ideas to drive value.
Phase 4 - Pay it forward
We want to drive value for our community, Bromato holders, and our charitable partners. The ultimate goal of this project is to have fun, love our Bromatoes, and use our platform to help hungry people in need. We are greatful to have the opportunity to continue our mission.